ReadPoint™ is the largest Greek digital newsstand and bookstore. With numerous digital products and services, ReadPoint™ provides its readers the comfort of having at their disposal, at any time and place, their favorite publications, in excellent definition and great user experience

Our readers can purchase their publications and view it on any screen (desktop and laptop computer, tablet and mobile phone).

ReadPoint™ allows for search and choice among thousands of available titles to:

• Buy
• Read
• Store
• Share digital content from anywhere in the world.

Using the ReadPoint™ platform, anyone can easily navigate through the pages, inside the text, between interactive graphics, animations, video and so much more.

With thousands top publications, ReadPoint™ and the accompanying applications revolutionize the way people read!

Brief corporate presentation

Planet Interactive is based in Greece. It was founded in Athens, in 1998 by a group of young people with a strong vision of providing breakthrough solutions in the field of new media.

It specializes in developing technologies of digital content creation and administration, and it has taken part in many important projects.

After years of intensive research, the development team revealed ReadPoint™ technology.

Its first commercial application is the e-distribution service of publications in digital format, started in early 2007, via the electronic newsstand

Within this development frame, the company recently went through restructuring, took in new investment capital, altering its stockholder scheme and a new board of directors, which consists of acclaimed professionals in the fields of technology and commercial development.

Soon, the ReadPoint™, platform will be deployed in other countries as well.

The Experience

What we do

• We listen and adapt to the needs of modern readers
• We bring the technology closer to the feel of printed material
• We make the ink permanent, the books lighter and more attractive to the consumer
• We create a new market for the publishers


Our strategy encompasses any screen format
The ReadPoint technology platform provides with safety and top quality digital content, millions of desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones worldwide.

ReadPoint is used to provide partners with solutions and marketing services so that they:

• Gain new customers
• Maintain and increase their circulation
• Draw more ad revenue

All this combined with online production and the participation in our digital platform, lead to the transformation of the printed world to a new, paperless, ecological, interactive domain, while giving new opportunities for growth for the developers.

ReadPoint™ technology was developed by Planet Interactive SA, with the purpose of distributing and selling digital content that, until recently, was only in printed form.

Our goal is for this information to reach the final receiver in a friendly way, resembling the natural fashion, yet incorporating all the dynamic features enabled by technology.

In a world where all the communication means and all the created content are transformed into digital, our vision is that the ReadPoint™ platform will constitute the evolution of reading in the 21st century!

Marketing Services

It is focused on the publishers’ needs.

ReadPoint offers a series of services that help the publishers gain new customers worldwide and expand their commercial reach in new ways.

Technology is just one part of the equation, the other one is a well placed marketing strategy, that aligns itself with the publishers’ goals, helping them reach them. ReadPoint Marketing department is able to create customized actions for every publisher-partner and work with them to find new channels of reaching consumers.


Growing our worldwide presence ReadPoint is the most modern newsstand and bookstore in the world. We are open 24/7, providing services in any country in the world.

ReadPoint Presentation